Old Mill Brewery Beers & Ales!

Our Beers can be purchased by the pint, pitcher or growler!

Old Mill Pilsner

A pale lager with a light, crisp palate and a dry finish. A clean malt and subtle hop character make this a great choice to pair with any of our lighter dishes such as seafood or pastas.

Rapp Street vienna Lager

A Vienna-style amber lager with a rich malt character and light hop finish. This is a full flavored, yet very drinkable beer; a great match with nearly every Old Mill dish.

Riverside Red

A well balanced and clean tasting red colored ale. Caramel and toasted notes in the forefront with a mild hop character

Colussus I.P.A

A big American-style IPA. Made with American grown hops for a decadent citrusy, floral, and spicy hop character with a dry, medium-light malt finish.

Downtown Littleton Brown

A well balanced beer with a rich malty and toasted character. Hints of chocolate and a medium hop character make this a flavorful brew that goes well Old Mill’s flavorful foods such as burgers, sandwiches, and specialty plates.

Devout Stout

Black down to its soul; this roasty brew is robust and malty with notes of chocolate and coffee. Great with heavier foods; steaks and burgers or as an appetizer on its own. 


This is an easy drinking, light bodied, yet flavorful American-style wheat ale. It has a soft palate and a reserved hop character. Goes great with lighter foods or as a warm weather refresher.

Specialty & Seasonal Beers!
Only Available Seasonally!
Ask Your Server for Availability!

Passion Fruit Pilsner              Apricot Pilsner
     Raspberry Red                   Hazelnut Brown
Strawberry Wheat                Coconut Porter

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